Biederlack is an established company based in Greven with years of experience in the area of ??rugs and textiles. Looking for a cuddly blanket or bedspread? You will be surprised to from our wide range of ceiling of Biederlack!

The name stands for quality Biederlack. In the collection biederlackborbo you find your new bedspread, which is a beautiful eye-catching in your environment. In the collection Bocasa is the special brand of Biederlack, which provides a broad range of high throws. Whether blanket or blanket, with the beautiful ceiling of Bocasa by Biederlack you express style in your home decor. Different colors and patterns are in Bocasa by Biederlack to choose from, so you can quickly find the right blanket. Choose your blanket in the areas of inspiration and emotion that offer plenty of trendy models.

The variety of models from Bocasa by Biederlack ensures that every taste is the perfect blanket there. Cover of Bocasa convince by high quality. Choose a blanket of cotton, microfiber, fleece or cotton-polyacryl blend. All the ceilings are low maintenance and attractive skin. Thus be relaxed hours on the couch for pleasure!

Send or solid colors inspired by renowned designers patterns are available. A bedspread with nautical stripes or a fleece blanket in the predator look are examples of the variety of models from biederlackborbo. Cool summer evenings or cozy hours in the fall and winter with a blanket even more relaxed. In the categories of winter and summertime you find the right cover of Bocasa by Biederlack for every occasion and every season.

Biederlack blanket - aura - nutria
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