With Ibena blankets you have a nice eye-catcher in your home and also a pleasant warming blanket. When you receive Couchdecken.de Ibena ceiling in various designs, colors and patterns. Ibena provides blankets for many years in high quality and variety of designs here.

Whether plain or patterned, the ceiling Ibena Solar is a lightweight, skin-friendly ceiling and at the same time living a chic accessory. The quality Ibena Solar is made of pure cotton or a cotton-polyacryl mix and promises warmth.

On cooler days you can find with the ceiling Ibena Sorrento a cozy, warm blanket. Ibena Sorrento is made of a cotton-polyacryl blend. You get the ceiling in many different colors and patterns. The ceiling of Ibena harmoniously blend with your décor. A color-coordinated edging embellished Ibena blankets in Addition. A warming and attractive alternative to Ibena ceiling is a living Ibena coat dar. The model Ibena Messina is a living Ibena coat of herrvorragender quality. For cozy nights on the couch of the living Ibena jacket is perfect.

Simply slip into Ibena Messina, close the snaps and the zipper and enjoy coziness! Provide comfort to the living Ibena Ibena coat and blankets also in care. Machine washable and quick drying, these are the easy care benefits of Ibena ceiling.

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