faux fur blankets

In the cold season, top-quality Webpelzdecken for warmth and comfort. When you find Couchdecken.de sofa covers in faux fur look amazingly real.

Gorgeous Animal print also shows the collection of De Luxe biederlackborbo. You have the choice between Leopard, Snow Leopard and Zebra - you supplement with the appropriate Webpelzdecke your device and create a soft cuddly eye-catching. The skin-friendly and low maintenance sofa faux fur blankets are made of a pollution-free polyester and acrylic blend. You get the faux fur blankets in various sizes. Opt for a Webpelzdecke in sizes 150 x 200 or 180 x 220 cm. Especially a lot of comfort and a high cuddle factor promises sofa cover in size 220 x 240 cm.


Hard to distinguish from real fur faux fur blankets are of the Bugatti brand. A high quality blend of cotton material, polyacryl, acrylic, modacrylic, viscose, exclusive screening Webpelzdecken ensure the highest quality. the bed cover made of silky soft fur in a beautiful look in basic shades beige, gray and brown luxurious highlights in your apartment. The faux fur blankets in the size 150 x 200 cm are edged with a color-coordinated suede band. Relaxing evenings at home are guaranteed with the high quality Webpelzdecke.

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