With a sofa runners to adjust the look of your bed to the device while protecting the seat. Especially handy are chair pads and bed runners when children are in the household. Chair pads are also soft and comfortable.

The piece of furniture is protected and looks chic. Choice of six trendy colors. The color palette ranges from subtle natural white or camel through intense tones such as chocolate, copper and violet to the noble silver gray. Choose from your bed runners and chair pads made of two different sizes. They are available in sizes 50x200cm and 100x200cm, also in set of 2. Thus, the bed runner for seating with different dimensions suitable.

Couch Throw & Cover are perfect if you want to give your sofa a whole new look. With a union you make an appealing new look. Choose your couch and chairs from numerous trendy designs. The couch union are available in different sizes, so you find the right cap for your couch.

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