Microfibre Dralon

Microfibre Dralon

Make yourself at home! With a micro fiber blanket from Biederlack Bocasa by the closing time is relaxed. Microfiber blankets in the high-quality thermal soft quality you will find a large selection at Couchdecken.de. Let yourself be enchanted by the colors and patterns.

A microfibre cloth in warm natural tones fits neatly furnished as well as the Scandinavian style of living. Autumnal tones in soft orange and red enrich each seating area. Its a great microfiber blankets are coming in trendy violet. With a current color microfiber cloth you put accents in your home. As varied as the colors are also the dissent. Choose between classic stripes, big dots or a stylish oriental-inspired pattern. The warm and cozy and skin friendly ceilings make the cool season really comfortable.

Particularly noteworthy are the excellent quality and workmanship. It is woven microfiber with Dralonanteil which has a very comfortable grip and high dimensional stability. Dralon is a trademark fiber having excellent properties. A color-coordinated trim on velvet microfiber blankets are the finishing touch.

The top is easy to clean and can be washed at 30 degrees in the washing machine. By the material composition with a Dralonanteil the luminosity of the colors and skin-friendly feel are maintained. Whether as a sofa blanket or throw, with a microfiber cloth you make the right choice!

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